Bobbers for Sale 2

We can custom build your next bike for you!

Custom Bikes: We can build anything you like just call or email today! Triumph, BSA, Metric- All built to your specs, your tastes and your colors! If you’re looking to get on a wicked custom bike… We’re your guys! Don’t buy one when you can build yours! Hot rod it, stock it…It’s all up to you!!

$9,500Below are just a few of the bikes we’ve built. You can get an idea of what your build may cost. As you can see from the builds below we can build a real nice bike for you in solid colors for a very reasonable price tag. Keep in mind this includes delivery when your bike is done, anywhere in the lower 48 states!!!!! It’s really easy, and it’s a blast to do. When you’re done you’ll be riding your own one off custom bike that you designed! It’s very simple to do. Contact Us let us know what you would like to do. We’ll design it, quote it and start the build. What can we build for you?

Just some of the bikes we’ve built here at MMRC Want one?



$12,500 $11,500  
$8,500 $8,500
$8,500If you don’t want a custom built bike… Check our classifieds for more Bobbers for Sale $12,500We can build a real nice “Metric” bike for you as well. What would you like to do?
Build my Bike:We’re more than happy to help you build the bike you already have. Weather you’re doing a restore, chopper, bobber or whatever else… We’re happy to help you get it going. Have a sweet donor and want it built but don’t have a bender or a lath or a welder or……… We can help!What’s your project?

Payment plans: If your eyes are bigger than your wallet we can help! We’ll sell and build your bike for you on a “lay-away plan” Don’t let this get a way. If you want a Bobber you want us to build it! With a small down payment and a fixed monthly payment we’ll build one for you. Once you’ve paid the full amount we’ll drop it at your door for you!!! No fooling.

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    Is this for real? You would do a payment plan? That sounds to good to be true. How do I get in touch with guys? Would like to talk. I lost my harley due to the recession. Have wanted to build a triumph. Driving my wife crazy, need to get back on it. Are you guys real?